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After the effects of smoking and a stress full life, the teeth have taken a bit of a beating. By using thin porcelain veneers in the front and and some advanced porcelain bonding further back, we were able to restore this smile to its original appearance. The trick was to get the balance between length and width perfect. The slightly darker colour blends perfectly with the rest of the smile. The last photo shows how great it works almost two years later.

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This young man had a bit of an argument with a cricket ball. Fortunately we were able to restore everything back to normal without anyone ever knowing what had happened. All of this using direct bonding with no anaesthetic. He was out of the chair in one visit.

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A great result with very little treatment.
The spacing between the teeth were the patients main concern. With simple Whitening we were able to brighten the smile and by bonding small slithers of porcelain to the teeth we were able to close the gaps. WITHOUT ANY WORK ON THE TEETH. Minimally invasive, but maximum results.    

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