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" I would just like to thank Dr Malan and Cassie for looking after me today. I am a very nervous patient and they were amazing with me. The ladies at reception were out of this world. They could see I was anxious when I walked in and put my mind at ease straight away. Beautiful practice, very very clean and modern. Will def be my go-to from now on. "hbds reviews facebook logo

SACHA, Cape Town
Reviewed 03 June 2022


" Shout out to Andy Effting and HBDS - Hout Bay Dental Studio who came to our rescue yesterday! My son almost had his front teeth knocked out at soccer but Andy Effting rushed through to the dental studio and opened up his practice to assist us. Not only is he a Master of his craft but always willing to help his patients. We cannot thank you enough. "hbds reviews facebook logo

NATASHA, Cape Town
Reviewed 08 May 2022


" Ich habe im Urlaub Zahnschmerzen bekommen und bin zum Glück zu Dr. Ivonne Meyer gekommen. Sie spricht fließend deutsch und erklärte mir alles, natürlich nach eingehender Diagnose. Fasziniert war ich vom 3 D scan, der überaus deutlich machte, woher die Schmerzen kamen. Ivonne ist äußert kompetent, professionell und entschlossen… die Wurzelbehandlung, die ich über mich ergehen lassen musste, führte sie konsequent und rasch durch. Und ich hatte, trotz meiner Angst, kaum Schmerzen dabei und jetzt sowieso nicht mehr. Mein Kompliment für Ivonne und das Team. "

Translated by Google:
" I got a toothache while on vacation, and luckily I discovered Dr Ivonne Meyer. She speaks fluent German and explained everything to me, of course, after a detailed diagnosis. I was fascinated by the 3D scan, which made it extremely clear where the pain was coming from. Ivonne is extremely competent, professional and determined... she carried out the root canal treatment that I had to endure consistently and quickly. And, despite my fear, I hardly felt any pain, and now I don't anymore anyway. My compliments to Ivonne and the team. "hbds reviews google logo

Reviewed 09 April 2022


" I was vacationing in Cape Town when my crown fell off only after 9 months so I needed to find a dentist to put this back on asap. Luckily, I was staying in Hout Bay and found this dental studio. My bf typed "crown dentist cape town" in Google and this place came up on the first page.

They were able to see me the next day. Making an appointment was super easy and the office was very responsive.

Dr David Malan took care of me. He was quick to identify the problem and explain why my old crown couldn't be put back on. It was fractured and wasn't cemented properly by my dentist in Hong Kong, the crown was also too thin which is why it broke. Because he was able to explain this in such detail, the dentist who did this for me was willing to pay for my replacement.

They had the equipment in this office to make a new crown on the same day, which was impressive given I had to wait 2 weeks for my previous one to be made. I had to have my molars shaved down a little bit more in order for the new crown to fit (it had to be thicker). They had all the equipment to do everything so quickly and with ease, I was super impressed with the service and how hi-tech everything was.

Dr Malan was professional and gentle, and made what could have been a really terrible and painful procedure very pleasant.

I've had a lot of dentists before, bad ones as well as really good ones. I would consider Dr Malan the best dentist I've ever had.

It might even be a reason to come back to Cape Town for my check up in the future!!

I'd highly recommend this dentist, you don't need to go anywhere else.
 "hbds reviews google logo

Reviewed 06 January 2022


" Dr. Meyer and staff saved our vacation! My son broke his tooth clear in half partially through our holiday.

From the moment I called, I was greeted by the kindest woman who was able to get us in right away. Upon arrival, we had a brief wait and went back with Dr Meyer. She did a fabulous job of repairing his tooth. She was very thorough and walked us through the entire process offering advice for the future.

My 10 year old son said she deserves 5-stars and I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you HBDS! I will be forever thankful and only wish I could see you regularly 
"hbds reviews facebook logo

JENI, Nevada, USA
Reviewed 03 January 2022


" Top class - really outstanding service all round. Thankful for the fast response to my request for dental assistance. I was telephoned before the business even opened and scheduled with a fast turnaround appointment. Very professional and efficient - does not get better in my experience. Thank you! "hbds reviews facebook logo

ADRIAN, Cape Town
Reviewed 25 September 2021


" I live in the USA and couldn't believe it when I experienced tooth pain while I was out of the country. Of all the places for it to happen it happened in Hout Bay which is near Cape Town - in Africa! My Airbnb recommended Dr. Effting from Hout Bay Dental Studio, and their service and Dr. Effting's professionalism were actually better than my dentist in LA. I hear that dental tourism is becoming a thing, and you can kill a bunch of birds with one stone by coming to South Africa, going on safari, seeing Cape Town, and visiting a dentist in South Africa. "hbds reviews google logo

Reviewed 16 May 2021


" Very thorough and efficient. "hbds reviews google logo

BUNDU, Phalaborwa
Reviewed 14 May 2021


" Outstanding service. Was seen by Dr. Effting. Was actually taken in early for my appointment and I'm not sure when that happened at a medical or dental before. Very professional staff and what appeared to be state of the art equipment. "hbds reviews google logo

SESSEL, Durban
Reviewed 11 May 2021


" Top notch, friendly staff that makes you feel like the most important customer. Dr. David Malan has been so good to me the last 15 months, taking great care to recommend the best treatment options, watching my budget, and today getting me in SAME DAY for a repair (at no charge!). Highly recommended! "hbds reviews google logo

KEVIN B, Cape Town
Reviewed 26 April 2021


" I went to HBDS for the first time and had an amazing experience. Dr Malan was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process! Highly recommend!!! "hbds reviews facebook logo

YDAH, Cape Town
Reviewed 29 March 2021


" My family and I had been a regular with HBDS to do our annual check-up and all dental care. I can say overall experience starting from the reception, hygienist and all the specialist in the center were fantastic. I had a major dental restoration work done started in 2014 for more than 3 years to complete with Dr Ivonne Meyer and Dr Emil Langenegger. Having been living in few different developed countries, I think both of them can be classified as the world-class dentist and have no doubt to recommend anyone who wanted to get a good dental care. "hbds reviews google logo

Reviewed 26 March 2021


" Super friendly and professional staff. Dr Malan and his assistant Cassie were incredible and provided the most comfortable in-chair experience I've had to date. The technique they followed to do a filling was unlike any previous dental work I've had done- no uncomfortable suction pipe down the throat or jaw fatigue. I would highly recommend the practice and in particular the dentist & assistant duo. "hbds reviews google logo

MARC A, Cape Town
Reviewed 27 July 2020


" Best dental experience I have had in a long time. From booking to pre-exam to procedure. State of the art technology, and amazing dentists and assistants. All at the most affordable rates I could find, almost anywhere in the CT radius. A special thanks to Dr David Malan and his assistant, not only for sorting all my issues and future issues, but for his holistic approach and educating each patient on the science of what the issues are, our options, and how he intends to proceed. Goes without saying that the procedures were 100%. Thanks again David, and to HBDS. Would highly recommend. "hbds reviews google logo

MARC C, Cape Town
Reviewed 5 June 2020


" I had my first appointment with HBDS today and with Dr David Malan. It was a great first experience. Dr Malan talked me through every step of the process and reassured me along the way which helped with the nerves. Highly recommend!! "hbds reviews facebook logo

RONEL, Cape Town
Reviewed 19 February 2020


" Thank you Dr Effting for saving me a lot of money by being able to reinsert an old crown that came out and was still in good condition. Hugely appreciative.  "hbds reviews google logo

FIONA, Cape Town
Reviewed 17 September 2019


Fantastic, quality dentistry. 
  Fantastic dentists. Had a long-standing issue, had gone to two other dentists. Dr Effting sorted me out immediately. They preach quality dentistry and you can definitely tell and feel the difference from a typical "cheap" quick job dentist. 
"hbds reviews hellopeter logo

KAY, Cape Town
Reviewed 29 July 2019


" Cheryl and Mandy are welcoming and set the tone and ambience of one's experience. I adore Cheryl - she remembers her patients! Rozelle and Ontle are an excellent Oral Hygienist team. Dr Effting and his assistant are wonderful. I was there today and felt like a VIP family member receiving the best dental care, education and guidance. Dr Effting made my fear dissipate with his caring and human touch manner. They are at the cutting edge of dental technology and practice. What more can I say...I love this awesome team who care about my dental wellbeing⚘ Thank you Dr Effting and Team. "hbds reviews facebook logo

NADIA, Cape Town
Reviewed 29 June 2019


" Dr Effting is the best. He is gentle, efficient and the job is done pain-free.  "hbds reviews facebook logo

BRIDGET, Cape Town
Reviewed 27 May 2019


I used to hate and fear to go to the dentist but not anymore.
I chose this clinic because they are very holistic. I had an oral hygienist appointment with Emma followed by a filling done by Dr Ivonne Meyer.
Emma is so passionate about her cleaning that it makes the whole experience fun and painless. The hour appointment flew by very quickly.
Then my crown prep with Dr Meyer turned into a composite filling as they are such a conservative practice that they damage as little of the remaining tooth structure as possible.
They were right about gentle dentistry; because I actually fell asleep in the chair while my filling was being done. I used to hate and fear to go to the dentist but not anymore.
"hbds reviews whatclinic logo

PAUL, Cape Town
Reviewed 23 May 2019


" Top quality dentistry!!!  "hbds reviews google logo

ANZA, Cape Town
Reviewed 21 May 2019


" Absolutely the best dentists!!!! Thanks, Dr Ivonne Meyer for turning my "nightmare" into a very pleasant experience! Absolutely the best dentists!!!!  "hbds reviews google logo

ANEL, Cape Town
 Reviewed 20 May 2019


" Huge thanks to Emma, Dr Pretorius and Rufaidah for the first-class treatment, exceeding expectations in every way. Professional, friendly, thorough, wonderful. Dr Pretorius has absolutely mastered perfect teeth bonding - wow! Big smiles from a very happy and grateful customer, thank you HBDS!  "hbds reviews facebook logo

KIRSTEN, Cape Town
Reviewed 11 May 2019


" I cannot recommend this practice more highly. I found the work carried out to an exceptionally high standard. I had a fairly complicated and in-depth treatment plan which was explained very clearly and carried out with great skill. I would also like to mention the assistants and the reception staff who always had a smile and a kind word which helps enormously when you are feeling nervous about a procedure.  "hbds reviews google logo

ANDY, Cape Town
Reviewed 22 April 2019


" Andy, I’m back in the UK for a couple of weeks and all's good with the teeth. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your assistant, and also to the lovely ladies at reception who always had a smile and a warm greeting. I’ll book in to see you when I am back in December. "hbds reviews email logo

ANDY, United Kingdom
Reviewed 18 April 2019


" HBDS are masterful, caring and compassionate dentists who provide world-class service. I love having my professional cleaning and tooth whitening with the oral hygienist, and my dental treatments have been perfect and painless. "hbds reviews google logo

ALISON, Cape Town
Reviewed 06 April 2019


"Thank you very much Dr Effting for your dental work and efficiency. I wouldn’t normally say that I enjoy going to the dentist, but between you and your charming assistant, I could almost admit to it! It will be January 2020 when we revisit Hout Bay and I have no doubt we will meet again at that stage when I will be skipping up to Victoria Avenue rather than limping. With many thanks! "hbds reviews email logo

HELEN, Ireland
Reviewed 26 March 2019


" World-class dental practice. "hbds reviews google logo

ANZA, Cape Town
Reviewed 05 October 2018


" Fantastic Practice and Excellent Dentists  "hbds reviews google logo

FAYE, Cape Town
Reviewed 01 October 2018


I would never go to another dentist. Excellent service from the moment you walk in the door. "hbds reviews facebook logo

Reviewed 4 April 2018


What a fantastic team there is at HBDS. From the minute you walk in and are greeted by the friendly receptionists, to the welcome and calming atmosphere in the beautifully fitted out dental surgeries. All the dentists are so caring and happy to answer all your questions, even so far as helping me choose the correct toothpaste and floss. I would highly recommend them. "hbds reviews google logo

CINDI, Cape Town
Reviewed 13 November 2017


" We are always visiting Ivonne Meyer when we are in Hout Bay. She is fantastic! "hbds reviews facebook logo

CHRISTL, Germany
Reviewed 07 November 2017


Five Star dentist all the way. With State-of-the-art equipment. "hbds reviews facebook logo

DIETER, Cape Town
Reviewed 30 August 2017


" The most amazing Dental Studio where we feel at home. "hbds reviews google logo

ERICA, Cape Town
Reviewed 30 August 2017


" Thank you Andy for the pictures! One soon forgets what a difference you have made to T's smile. The results are perfect and we couldn't be more pleased, thank you so much. T now even smiles in her sleep :> The results you achieved have given her a great smile, but more importantly, her confidence has been boosted to a new level as she doesn't smile behind her lips any more, as she felt she had to.

We have since noticed quite a few that have had veneers done!! They are super luminous white and one can see they are "false"! Your work, one cannot notice - they just seem as if one has been born with a perfect set, and that is the way it should be. When T shows friends, I can see how they strain their eyes to see veneers, and then say they cannot see the difference :>) Everyone expects to see these "American Hollywood veneers" that glow in the dark, but all you see now is her absolute natural smile. Well done and again, we are so pleased with the results and even more pleased that your high recommendations were proven. You are truly an artist.

We, I'm sure, will be seeing lots of you in the future. "hbds reviews email logo

ROY, Cape Town


Dr Nic Pretorius, turned a potential dental holiday disaster into a minor issue, super-fast, professional service, so so grateful. Thank you to all at HBDS. "hbds reviews facebook logo

MICHELLE, United Kingdom
Reviewed 19 January 2017


I'm terrified of dentists so to say I 'loved it' seems odd, but it's the best dentist I've ever been to. Professional and patient. "hbds reviews facebook logo

LISA, Cape Town
Reviewed 29 September 2016


"What a pleasure! Me saying that about a dentist is unheard of! Until my broken tooth introduced me to the most caring, compassionate dentist in Dr Effting of HBDS! Thanks, doc you've made a conversion, and I can truthfully say am looking forward to my next visit! Compliments to your excellent staff too! "hbds reviews facebook logo

KEVIN, Portugal
Reviewed 19 April 2016


" Thank you SOOO much!!! Words really are inadequate to describe my gratitude to both of you for helping me get the amalgam out of my mouth. I've only had two fuzzy head mornings which dissipated completely by lunchtime and hardly even slowed me down. What a night/day difference from before. Thank you for being so kind and considerate. Both of you really made it about as pleasant as it could be. "hbds reviews email logo

COLLEEN, Cape Town

" It was so bad being embarrassed to smile. The HBDS Team has made me want to flash a smile all the time now! "hbds reviews email logo

PIERRE, Cape Town

I would like to thank the four ladies I dealt with at the practice yesterday. Two ladies at Reception (Mandy & Jocelyn?! Not 100% sure of their names) and then the oral hygienist and her assistant. What a pleasure walking into your practice and being greeted with friendly smiles. All four of you were just amazing, professional and very friendly. THANK YOU! Thanks for making my visit to your practice an absolute pleasure!! "hbds reviews email logo