hbds digital dentistryDigital Dentistry

In our modern era, everything is going digital. The same is happening in the world of dentistry.

Digital dentistry refers to the use of digital technologies and devices to carry out dental procedures, making them more efficient than using mechanical or electrical tools. Hout Bay Dental Studio offers our patients the best modern treatment available by investing in all the tools that digital dentistry has to offer.

The future of dentistry: Digital CADCAM

CAD-CAM (Computer-Assisted Design - Computer-Assisted Manufacture) such as CEREC is a fast-developing field in dentistry that enables us to produce a biocompatible dental crown, inlay or overlay in a single visit. This revolutionary technology allows our dentists to manufacture custom-made ceramic restorations more accurately and efficiently, saving you time spent in the dental chair.

3Dimentional Imaging

Hout Bay Dental Studio was one of the first dental practices in the Western Cape to offer patients 3D dental X-rays. Three-dimensional radiography allows our dentists to see any cross-section of the tooth or jaw, rather than just the vertical height visible in regular two-dimensional X-rays. Detailed, true-to-life 3D images help our dentists provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment strategies and better patient care.

At HBDS, we understand that no one likes painful dental injections or needles. Fear can often lead to a delay in treatment, resulting in the need for more expensive procedures. We've embraced digital technology to help overcome these challenges.

Photography and dentistry go hand in hand. The latest advancements in digital photography have revolutionised dental photography, becoming a powerful tool for communication and treatment planning.