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Our holistic approach to dentistry takes into account the impact that your oral health has upon your entire well-being. At HBDS, we take your health concerns seriously and work closely with integrated medicine medical doctors, complementary health practitioners and homoeopaths.

Hout Bay Dental Studio introduced mercury-free dentistry as a standard protocol in our practice more than 25 years ago.

We practise minimally invasive dental treatments, make use of biocompatible materials and recommend natural remedies wherever possible. We also implement the rubber dam technique extensively. This application of a protective latex rubber membrane prevents you from swallowing amalgam and other waste materials whilst undergoing treatment.

The Impact of Amalgam in Dentistry

Amalgam silver-mercury fillings have been used extensively over the past 170 years and yet remain a contentious issue. The majority of dental associations around the world maintain that amalgam fillings are safe to use. However, there are a growing number of dentists and organisations that are concerned about the negative health implications, as well as the impact on the environment.

Cosmopolitan Magazine asked Hout Bay Dental Studio to answer a few questions about the use of mercury amalgam fillings for an article they published a while back. As many of our patients have concerns about the use of mercury amalgam fillings in terms of their general health and raise these queries too, this is what we had to say:

A dental dam (rubber dam) is a small sheet of rubber used to isolate teeth being worked on. It fits over your teeth, has holes in it which are matched to the teeth being worked on, and is secured with a clamp and a frame.