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Minimally invasive dentistry techniques

Minimally invasive dentistry - or minimally hazardous dentistry - focuses on prevention, strengthening and, as the name suggests, minimal dentist intervention. With the latest scientific advances, modern tools and techniques, we perform the minimal amount of treatment required in order to avoid removing more of the tooth structure than is necessary to restore it to its normal condition.

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Occlusal Disease

Dental occlusion is the coming together of teeth - a meeting of two surfaces made of the hardest stuff in your body and the movement of those surfaces against each other. You probably haven’t devoted a lot of thought to making those surfaces do either of those things because, for most of us, it just happens.

Thankfully, your brain is able to coordinate 32 teeth and dozens of muscles into a harmonious movement without telling you what it’s doing. When you’re enjoying dinner with your favorite person, this is a very good thing. If you are grinding your teeth away, it’s not so good.

Your teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but there are some things that can get in the way of that happening for you.

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