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HBDS Services


At HBDS, we provide our patients with a comprehensive range of dental care, ensuring excellence and quality in a friendly and professional environment. Taking care of your mouth is an important part of your general health maintenance. We offer a holistic dental care approach where your individual needs and comfort are a priority.

The possibilities for enhancing your smile and your dental health are endless. Stained teeth, ugly amalgam restorations and dentures are a thing of the past in this age of advanced dentistry. Here are a few of the exciting services we offer.

Should you require any further information our staff is qualified to provide you with friendly and professional support.

HBDS Aesthetic Dentistry

Hollywood smiles and reality makeovers are probably the first things that jump to mind at the mention of aesthetic dentistry. They certainly fit the description, but they don't quite provide the full picture.

HBDS Planning your new smile

Looking good requires thought and effort, and creating a beautiful smile is no different. At HBDS, we take a systematic approach to perfection with attention to the finer details.

HBDS Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry refers to the use of digital technologies or devices to carry out dental procedures rather than mechanical or electrical tools, making dental procedures more efficient.

HBDS Occlusal Disease

Dental occlusion is the coming together of teeth - a meeting of two surfaces made of the hardest stuff in your body and the movement of those surfaces against each other.

HBDS Minimally invasive dentistry

Minimally invasive dentistry (or minimally hazardous dentistry) focuses on prevention, remineralisation and, as the name suggests, minimal dentist intervention.

HBDS Dental Implants

It is only when we lose a tooth that we become aware of how much our dental health affects our quality of life. It impacts on our appearance, self-confidence and body-image. Dental implants offer a solution to replace both the missing crown and root of the tooth.

HBDS General Family Dentistry

We know how important dental health is to your family’s well-being and are here to help you to take care of this. We offer an extensive range of dental treatments for the entire family. We believe prevention is better than cure; by identifying potential problems early, we can prevent the need for extensive treatment later.

HBDS Oral Hygiene and Prevention

Gum disease is one of the most common infections affecting people today. Amazingly, up to 80% of the population unknowingly has some form of gum infection. And yet, just by thorough daily brushing and flossing combined with professional cleanings and check-ups, you can remove these germs and help prevent gum disease.

HBDS Holistic Dentistry

At HBDS, we practise a holistic approach to dentistry that accommodates the impact oral health has on your entire wellbeing. We work closely with complementary health practitioners and homeopaths. We use natural remedies, bio-compatible materials and minimally invasive treatments.