The future of dentistry: Digital CADCAM

CAD-CAM (Computer-Assisted Design - Computer-Assisted Manufacture) such as CEREC is a fast-developing field in dentistry that enables us to produce a biocompatible dental crown, inlay or overlay in a single visit. This revolutionary technology allows our dentists to manufacture custom-made ceramic restorations more accurately and efficiently, saving you time spent in the dental chair.

CEREC is an acronym of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a sophisticated chairside computerised system that efficiently designs and then manufactures high quality, metal-free dental restorations with its integrated milling unit.

It uses 3D photography and CAD-CAM technology (computer-assisted design - computer-assisted manufacture) to assist us in designing a virtual restoration i.e. an inlay, overlay, crown or bridge, without taking impressions. We are very often able to build the actual restoration while you are still in your dentist chair.

What's in it for you?

  • CEREC allows for same-day restorations on almost all procedures, including inlays, overlays (onlays) and crowns
  • Restorations look outstanding, are long-lasting, biocompatible and metal-free
  • The need for temporary crowns and messy impression trays is eliminated
  • The biocompatible materials can be adjusted to match the natural shade of your surrounding healthy teeth
  • Your restoration will look and feel natural as the technology ensures precise moulding and placement.

You're a good candidate if

  • You need a new crown, inlay or overlay (onlay)
  • You have a cracked tooth, old and failing restorations, or any major damage to your teeth
  • You're interested in replacing old metal restorations with biocompatible ones
  • You need a large dental restoration.


How it works

The cavity preparation is photographed and stored as a three dimensional digital model on the computer. The digital software approximates the restoration shape by using biogeneric comparisons to the surrounding teeth. We then refine the model using 3D CAD software. When the virtual model is complete, the computerised milling machine carves the actual restoration out of a ceramic block using diamond head cutters. Your dentist finally bonds the finished restoration to the prepared tooth.

CAD-CAM technology is the future in modern dentistry. Technological advances make the system easier to use and more accurate, so you get a better fit right away.


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